remodeling for basements and garages in somerset, pa

proudly serving all of somerset county and surrounding areas

Mostoller Construction Co. Offers Remodeling Excellence

Mostoller Construction Co. offers remodeling for basements and garages in Somerset, PA, and surrounding areas. Our team can transform existing basement and garage areas into livable spaces for your use. When you need remodeling excellence to achieve quality results, trust our team to do the job.

Clients throughout Somerset County and surrounding Cambria and Bedford counties can schedule basement and garage remodeling projects. We can also remodel kitchens, offices, family rooms, bedrooms, laundry, theater, and more. Contact Mostoller Construction Co. today at (814) 445-3388 for information on our various home remodeling services.

Superwall System to Revolutionize Design

When it comes to remodeling basements, we trust Superwall to get the job done. Superwall Basement Finishing System is a plasterboard product that creates a flat surface that provides stability and a smooth finish. We use these products on our basement finishes and encourage you to explore them as an option.

When the experts at Mostoller Construction Co. need quality, they trust Superwall. Feel free to experience the difference Superwall products bring and create a basement to be admired.

BCI Acrylic Bath Systems; Our Secret Weapon for Bath Remodeling

With BCI Acrylic Bath Systems, a custom-made bath liner can be installed over your existing tub or shower. These systems are quick, hassle-free, and cost-efficient, the trinity of a quality product. We provide these installations at Mostoller Construction Co. and invite our customers to explore our options. These products provide us with the necessary tools to give you the custom bathroom of your dreams. We encourage our customers to explore these options for their next bathroom remodeling project.

Mostoller Construction Co. offers our fantastic services to Somerset, PA, and beyond.

A-1 Garage Doors and Amarr; Stylish Garages your Neighbors will Envy

A-1 Garage Doors and Amarr garage doors work with Mostoller Construction Co. to bring envy to neighbors everywhere. We make this claim with great confidence and stand firmly behind these products.

The stylish, efficient, and durable garage doors at A-1 differentiate between a suitable garage and a great one.