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At Mostoller Construction Company, watch as the home of your dreams is built from the ground up.  We will build the house exactly as you wish it built and incorporate every feature that you ask for.  To that end, we encourage your involvement in every step of the process, all the way through from the laying of the foundation to the last roofing tile.  To aid in this complex and detail-oriented process, we employ a team of highly experienced professionals adept in all areas of construction and a bevy of state-of-the-art equipment and computer software such as our CAD system.  This CAD software will literally allow our clients to have the unprecedented experience of a virtual walk-through of their home even before construction even begins.  It is a highly efficient and rather enjoyable way to see the home in its entirety and make changes that will see their way into the final design.

Mostoller Construction Company applies economical and practical design-making concepts to both private and commercial properties.  From the initial design planning to the completion of construction, Mostoller Construction Company is fully responsible for every phase of your project.  By placing ourselves in this position, we will realize your building or remodeling job in a minimum of time and for the lowest possible price.  In addition, we only utilize the highest quality materials and purchase them from the most reputable building supply dealers in the marketplace.

Our involvement in the industry goes beyond exemplary products and services.  Some of these materials are warranted by the manufacturer for as long as 50 years.  With such knowledge, Mostoller Construction Company can build homes that are more durable, safer, healthier, and energy efficient.

Mostoller Construction Company is fully insured for your protection.

What Our Customers Say

Dear Austin,

My remodeled bathroom looks amazing! We want to thank you for doing such great job. It was wonderful to have a detailed contract, so we knew exactly what the project would cost. The gifted employees who did our work were so professional and respectful of our home. They took great pride in their work and even finished the job ahead of schedule.

We would happily provide an outstanding reference for anyone who requests one.

Thanks again,
Craig and Mary Oglevee